Nothing is minor if you increase your perception

In a world that has become fast moving, importance is often only given to loud and imposing things. Screens are omnipresent and grab our attention. The simple, inconspicuous but omnipresent is increasingly being ignored or simply overlooked.

As in many of my works, in which the concrete is abstracted or the abstract is given content, this series of work is about bringing trivial depictions to a new level of representation through reflections, folds and inversions. Perhaps we lern to appreciate what is unseen, overlooked and barely noticed on a daily basis by multiplying and visually reinforcing it. 

For this I take photographs of mostly common motives, give them on the computer in clipping and color grading a certain look and compose them to the current collection with flipping, reflecting, folding and inverting them.

Pictures on the wall

I offer all these pictures, and more, as photo prints behind acrylic glass. The prints have gallery quality and come in limited editions. 

If you have questions or interests, please contact me.

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